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Multiple genotyping formats

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are single base changes in the genetic code, representing the most common type of genetic marker.

We use the Fluidigm EP1 microfluidic genotyping platform with a 96 SNP x 95 sample plate format giving a throughput of 570 samples/day.

For larger numbers of SNPs and/or haplotypes and up to 1,000 samples per run, we use an amplicon sequencing method with our Illumina®MiSeq. We also have an Opentrons pipetting robot for automating various benchwork protocols, thereby increasing efficiencies and lab workflows.

SNP Genotyping for Genomic selection

We have invested in DNA sequencing capacity and can develop bespoke genetic tools for each breeding programme as required.

Pedigree reconstruction

We offer a parentage relatedness analysis service in support of breeding programmes and stock management. Customers may supply fin punches in ethanol or DNA samples.

We also offer a service to develop and validate parentage assignment panels for specific strains and other species.

Parentage assignment through DNA analysis also allows estimates of relatedness and co-ancestry to be calculated, which is important for inbreeding control.

We have validated SNP panels for parentage assignment for the following species:

Gene expression

We offer protein and gene expression measurements in support of the development of new feeds and vaccine testing.

Our main customers for these services are feed and vaccine companies wanting to investigate the biological effects of new products.

Our team has extensive experience of gene and protein expression with numerous publications in leading academic journals.


Gene expression services include:

  • Reports on the relevant scientific literature
  • Expert qPCR primer design to distinguish between gene paralogues
  • Quantitative gene and protein expression
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • MIME compliant qPCR and protein expression by ELISA

Atlantic Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout, European Sea Bass, Barramundi, Gilthead Sea Bream, Meagre, Blue Mussel, King Scallop, Giant Freshwater Prawn, Giant Tiger Prawn and Pacific White Shrimp.

We use a variety of modern software packages for parentage assignment.

For the most complex parentage reconstruction tasks we offer 192 SNP markers and amplicon sequencing. In the case of shellfish which have very high genomic diversity, we have developed panels of highly polymorphic (4 – 12 loci) haplotype markers for use with amplicon sequencing.

Sex determination

We use Taqman™ qPCR technology technology to accurately genotype sex of salmonid fish, including Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon, Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Arctic charr, from a DNA sample.

The method works by amplifying a male-specific gene, alongside a ubiquitous control gene. The principle has been exhaustively tested against fish of known sex and is over 99.9% accurate.

This service can be applied to any age of fish from fertilized ova onwards, and is particularly useful for stock management and when validating commercial attempts to produce a mono-sex offspring.

Triploidy validation

We perform next day triploidy determination by flow cytometry, providing independent certification for fish breeders.

Since efforts to induce triploidy in commercial ova production are rarely 100% effective, our service is of great value to fish breeders seeking to optimise their processes and to certify the ploidy status of their product.

Our Triploidy Validation is accurate and efficient, allowing for next day results.

Our standard service requires the customer to send us live eyed eggs or fresh tissue. Soft tissue such as eyes works best.

We prepare the samples, run the analysis and send a report and validation certificate by email.

We can normally process a batch of 50 – 100 eggs within 24hrs of receipt. The minimum order size is 50 samples.

Years of experience and expertise, as well as a wide array of equipment, help us support your breeding programme.